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A Keynote Speaker should be able to capture the essence of your conference / convention theme and lay the foundation of what to expect for the remaining time in the event. He needs to be engaging, able to glue your audience and give industry / topic insights on current and future trends. Amit Jadhav does all the above and hence has got the privilege to win 'the most brilliant talk' at many events apart from winning hearts of attendees. His audience call him Rockstar. Book him for that wow moment, for value and for inspiring your attendees to the core.

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A Connected Billion - Disruption with the Internet of Things

  • Connected_Billion_2

    Congratulations Amit. I was one of the participants to this conference. it was really a pleasure to hear you at PMI national conference. Thanks for such a great session. Looking forward to hear you speak during many such conferences in future.

    Rohit Mankame,
  • Connected_Billion_2 Thanks Amit for the Wonderful Presentation you had given. It was a really a pleasure to hear you live at the conference
    Sameer Aggarwal,
  • Connected_Billion_2 @_amitjadhav must admit that it was a energetic presentation with lots of insights.
    Paras Mehta,
  • Connected_Billion_2 This session from Amit was a huge hit! delegates took away with them awareness of #IOT and possibilities for bilion of Indians
    Rajarama Rao B.,
  • Connected_Billion_2 @_amitjadhav Do you breathe oxygen? I don't think so. You breathe thechnology. A well crafted and super delivered session at #pmnc16 on IOT
    Shweta Pandit,
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Motivational Speaker-Amit Jadhav
Amit Jadhav Motivational Keynote Speaker
Motivational Speech By Amit Jadhav

Motivation for Teams ( Jindagi Na Milegi Dobarra )

  • Thanks for Amit Jadhav

    This was one of the best motivational talks i heard so far. Sometimes you know some of these thoughts and you try to implement them as well in your life. But in a regular course of life gradually you lose on some of these and it is needed that someone reminds you about it. Thank you for doing that for us. Specially on a personal note i needed it. These are not only required for making your professional life good but also are applied to personal life. The ones like keeping negative people away, keep helping others etc. Thanks Amit Jadhav

    Pradnya Gosavi-Raste,
  • Motivational Speeker Amit Jadhav Thanks Pradnya for posting it and thanks to Amit for his valuable insights and personal tips
    Prasad Manegaonkar,
  • Connected_Billion_2 Thanks a ton Amit for a very motivating and insightful session!
    Aarti Morye,
  • Connected_Billion_2 Thanks Amit for the session .. It was Darshan of our current corporate life and you helped to have Dhyan .. Resulting manthan to get final output ... Amrit if we churn appropriately
    Vikram Singh Chauhan,

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